- New weapon that can destroy volcano (from powerUP level 4)
- New models (missile and diamond (which is now a capsule))
- Capsules of invulnerability available
- New 3D special effects (invulnerabilty, power up)
- Number of mixing audio channels set to 22 (no more sound overload)
- level of details modifiable and configuration saved
- New board
- Tanks bug fixed... Now they really attack.
- Many other bugs fixed. Some by John Carter. Thanks to him.
- Many gameplay enhancements thanks to Bruno Darrigrand and
  Nicolas Paymal (whose best score is 261950 !!)

- EXT_texture_env_dot3 and EXT_texture_env_combine extension to draw the floor
  Great improvement for radeon owners (or other cards which support this).
- fixed the bug that filled the screen with INVALID_OPERAND on radeon under windows.
- Real font (no more glBitMap which slowed down everything)
- Benchmark added
- Menu options (texture filtering, shadow)
- Display bug fix (tanks, 'game over' with Geforce 2) + enhancement (explosion)
- [L CTRL] to fire and [SPACE] for the super fire (this is more usual).
- A smarter autofire
- Fixed the link problem on some Not-Nvidia Linux config.
- ./configure now really works (sound problem solved !)

v0.4 (One year and a half later)
- Consider this as a whole new program.
- One big thing : a Windows version
- Vertex program / register combiner for Geforce cards.
- Shadows on the floor for cards with stencil buffer in 32 bits mode.
- 7 power UP (look for the red diamonds)
- New C++ main sructure which is clearer.
- New web site URL. (run away far from that drops your account
  without any reason).

- Two things from Per von Zweigbergk 
  Change installation to right places.
  Keyboard fix for not-azerty keyboard.

- I receive my first patch from Bruce Harada . Thanx Bruce :-)
  There were other problems (for those who did not have mikmod) that i fixed.
- The number of tanks is now controled.

- New name : GLAXIUM
- "./configure ; make" and play
- No need to keep the installation directory (make install)
- Use SDL (1.1.5+)
- Joystick if available
- Fullscreen (-f argument))
- Use SDL_mixer if mikmod is not found !
- I wrote a 3DStudio script that allows me to import 3DS models into open GL programs (modeles/*.c)
- New graphic design (thanx tanguy)
- Explosions faster and nicer
- No more ugly maroon special weapon.
- Power up in some cubes
- New sounds : a new music and some new samples
- obviously bug fixes and code clean up


- Add -lXi in the LIB Makefile variable.
- Add "void" to three procedure that prevented from compiling.

-  glaglaxian title (the game doesn't start immediatly)
-  texture are now in png format (need libpng)
-  can manage alpha channel in texture
-  new sprites
-  use of mikmod for the sounds
-  a soundtrack i wrote with
-  some samples (3D effect)
-  now under GNU GPL
-  obviously bug fixes and code clean up

First public release.

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