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A Quadruple easily panable echo delay

Download Windows/VST: IxoxDelay v1.2
New in version 1.2: multiple instances of the plugin is now possible
(Orion does not like the 3 stereo outputs so use the single output version in this host).

- SSE optimized so a SSE CPU is required (Athlon XP, pentium 3 and 4)
- 100% SSE so no denormalisation problem and very low CPU usage.
- All sample rates are OK
- 3 stereo outputs
- the input signal can be merged with the delays.
- from 1/64 to 3 beats of delay... Tempo from 48 to 999...

- Each delay has :
  . the signal does no depend on the pan of the input
  . EQ low pass and high pass
  . Saturation per delay
  . type: multiple or single echo
  . input can be the main input or one of the previous delays
    (input is taken from an other delay before saturation, EQ and volume)

If you use it in a song, an email would be very welcome !
Thanks a lot and enjoy...

8 simple echoes in line

Download Windows/VST: OctoDel <== Temporarely broken

8 single echo in line with volume and stereo fully controlable for each echo....
Full C++ but no SSE used so it works on any CPU.
But still very low CPU usage: 1,8% on my XP2600.

Sliders are volumes, knobs are pans...
I think it does not require any other explainations....
It's very easy to use...


Up to 8 chorus voices

Download Windows/VST: IxoxChorus v1.0 <== Temporarely broken

- 2 or 4 mono or stereo chorus voices (from 2 to 8 voices)
- Voices works per pair. The frequency (rate) of the chorus can be
  independently specified for each pair.
- 3rd order spline interpolation
- pan spread
- (Pseudo) sinusoidal LFO waveform
- Click free knobs
- Optimized C++ / light on CPU 2.5% of my 2400XP (for 4 stereo voices).

I wrote this chorus from the explainations i found here: Harmony central chorus explained

Thanks a lot to MusicDSP.org for the interpolation and for the pseudo sinus formula.