A FREE OpenGL shoot them up
(for Linux and Windows)

Last version: 0.5 [changes]
V0.5 sources: [sources]

V0.5 Win32 binaries: [win32 zip]
V0.5 Linux rpm: [redhat 80], [mandrake 9.0], [Suse (By Tuukka)]

Misc: [glext.h if yours is too old]


The development of Glaxium is finished. There are problems with new Linux distribution but I won't support Glaxium anymore.
So take it as it is...
Now my main hobby (MUSIC !!) is here.

2002/10/24 - Makefile.in (optional)

New Makefile.in. Relaunch ./configure after having downloaded it.
Thanks to Tuukka, it will test and eventually create directories before installing Glaxium. Thanks to Pit, 'make install prefix=/YOUR_DIR_HERE' overload all the 'configure' directories.

2002/10/23 - Bug work around

After launching Galxium if the only thing you see is :
> Couldn't set 800x600 GL video mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
You have 2 solutions:
1 - remove line 148 in main.cpp: "SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_STENCIL_SIZE,8);" and stay in 16 bpp - you won't have any shadows :-(
2 - set 32 bpp in your X config and you'll enjoy all Glaxium special effects !

2002/10/21 - V0.5 Notes

Working on Glaxium is a hobby. I do it at home during my free time. Please keep that in mind when you report problems ;-)
Supporting all (Linux) plateform and all hardware is impossible, but i really try to support as many as i can.
I need help: If you make a .rpm or a .deb (or any other package) that work for your plateform, i'll be happy to add it (or a link) in this page. If you modify the code and make it work better on your system, i'll be more than happy to include your patch in the next release.

Call to Linux vendor: put an up-to-date glext.h in the distros !!! Today with a Mandrake 9.0 or a Redhat 8.0 (don't know about the others) you cannot compile Glaxium without updating your glext.h file although the minimum version it requires is more than one year old !!! (I've made the choice of refusing compiling without that file because i don't want NVidia 3D cards owners to have the binary without nVidia extension in it.)

Thanks and I hope you'll like this FREE game !


           Sound, music and program : Xavier Hosxe
           Presentation and the nicer space models : Tanguy Bodivit

How does it look like ?

Requirement ?
Since release 0.4, Glaxium is available for both Linux and Windows.
The source package contains a Makefile for Linux and a VC++6.0 project file for Windows.
You'll also find a binary package for windows which contains the required libraries.

It uses OpenGL, glu and GLUT as 3D library .
Every thing can be found in Mesa.
You'll also need SDL 1.2.

Can i try it ?
   Linux user :
Download the source, then :
> tar zxvf glaxium_0.5.tar.gz
> cd glaxium_0.5
> ./configure
> make
> OR make install (if you are root)
> glaxium
> glaxium -f (for full screen)
That should give you something on your screen!
Or if you want to know the optional parameters :
>./glaxium -h
Don't forget to give a look at the README.txt that countains informations about the keys !
   Windows user :
Download the source and compile it with VC++6.0 or download the binary package at the top of this page.

You want to contribute ?
Great :-)
I'm waiting for your patches.
I'll try to answer all the questions.

Contact me :

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